T3 Asphalt Resurfacer

T3 Asphalt Resurfacer is an Eco-friendly product that repairs and extends the life of asphalt pavement. T3 Asphalt Resurfacer is unaffected by UV rays, water, auto fluids, oil and gas requiring less maintenance. It can be rapidly installed returning the surface to full use in a minimal amount of time. It provides and extends surface life and restores older surfaces with new friction standards. Unlike traditional asphalt coatings T3 Asphalt Resurfacer is slip, skid and abrasion resistant. T3 Asphalt Resurfacer has superior flexural, tensile and compressive strengths in comparison to ordinary asphalt chemical makeup.





▪ Parking Lots

▪ Driveways

▪ Airports

▪ Potholes

▪ Roadways



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